Kim St. James

Hello!  I’m Kim St. James and thrilled to be your mid-day host at Thunder 107.3.  To me music is magic.  Nothing can change a mood faster than a great song.  Like Dick Clark says, “music is the soundtrack of our lives.”  I love all music, but country music holds a special place in my heart.  I grew up in a small town south of here, near Kalamazoo.  It’s the kind of town that you blink, you miss it.  I loved growing up in a small town.  We waved at every car that drove by (because you knew everybody), we rode our bikes, snowmobiles and tractors to school, the town shut down every Friday when the football team was playing, and we gave directions by saying things like “turn by Johnson’s big red barn.”  When people ask me if I was raised in a barn I can actually say yes.  Ok, it was only a year in our pole barn, and it was while our house was being built, but still. I’m married to a “city boy,” as my dad would say.  My husband Tom is originally from the Detroit area.  We moved to Grand Rapids many years ago and started a family.  We have 3 amazing kids, 2 boys and a girl, and have loved living and raising our family here in West Michigan.  In 2017 we rescued our dog Mia.  We call her a “Dorkie,” she’s part Dachshund and Yorkie.  She has made our family so happy.  Growing up I was called “Motor-Mouth” so it’s no wonder I’m in radio and talk for a living.  I love West Michigan and I love getting out and listening to live music and meeting new people.

Years in Radio:  20+

First Concert Ever:  Alabama at the Allegan County Fair

Favorite Song:  That’s like picking a favorite child…it changes from day to day  😉

Record Holder:  Yes!  I once held the high school track team record for the 100-yard dash, and the 440-relay


Thanks Dr. Keil for my amazing vision!

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