I’m Suffering From the “Target Effect”

Have you ever heard of the “Target Effect?” I think I have it. In a nutshell it’s when you go into a store for a few things, but end up leaving with a lot more. Somehow it always seems to happen at Target. I am definitely afflicted. Refinery29 says that experts confirm there is a scientific reason behind the impulse buying. I knew it! Professor of Marketing at NYU Tom Meyvis, said that chain stores have such large inventory that they can place products strategically to trick your brain into making cross-category associations. Like putting Band-Aids next to fishing hooks…it makes sense. Target is best at getting shoppers to impulse buy because their stores are also aesthetically happy and have a great design style. Target does make me happy. Now you know, so next time you go shopping, stick to your list! I may also be afflicted with the “Meijer Effect” and “Walmart Effect” too. I need help.