Attack of the Mosquitoes

What is the deal with the mosquitoes lately?  I stepped outside the other afternoon for about 5 minutes and think I was bit at least 12 times.  I have been bit more times in the last couple weeks than I have all summer.  According to Wood TV 8 it seems we’ve had perfect weather and conditions for the little biters.  It’s been rainy, warm and not very windy, making it ideal for mosquitoes to hatch and hang around to bother us.  You’ve heard all the preventions, but it’s a good idea to remind yourself and help keep your sanity when outside.  Get rid of any standing water, use insect repellent with Deet, wear light colored clothing, long sleeves and long pants.  If all else fails, move to Alaska.  Warning, it looks like the mosquitoes will stick around at least through September as it continues to rain and stay warm.  Only the first frost will help us now.  Good luck Michiganders.