Fall Family Schedule

For some, fall means pumpkin spice stuff, sweatshirt and hoodie weather, apple picking, and Friday night football.  For many Moms and Dads, fall means everything I just mentioned, AND getting back that schedule of running like crazy EVERY night, trying to be in three places at once, making sure homework is done… rinse and repeat!

I’ve got two kids who are involved in all kinds of stuff.  Amazingly enough, there isn’t a whole lot of overlap on the activities.  Rather, each night of the week serves up a new challenge of getting home on time, trying to get a decent meal in their bellies, and being at practices/meetings/games/lessons as on time as possible!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful that my kids are able, excited, and eager to be involved with so many great groups, teams, and activities.  If they stay busy, it’ll keep ’em outta trouble, right?

So, fellow Moms and Dads, take a deep breath, keep gas in the tank, make sure you’ve got everything on the calendar, keep doing your best, and don’t worry if they’re a few minutes late every now-and-then.  You’re doing awesome!  Just think, you’re gonna blink and the crazy fall schedule will be past.  Just in time for the WINTER schedule to start up.  D’oh!