New BK Black Slushy May Change More Than Your Mouth Color

Who needs a crazy latte or pumpkin spice when you can get a scary BLACK slushy just in time for Halloween?! Burger King has come out with a new black slushy called Frozen Fanta Scary Black Cherry. I know what you’re thinking…black? Will it turn my mouth black? YES, but I think that’s kind of cool. No better time to walk around with a black tongue and teeth than Halloween time.  It appears your mouth isn’t the only thing that may change colors after drinking this scary slushy, your #2 could change colors too! 😮 Twitter is having fun with the different colors your poo may change to like blue or green. I think neon would be hilarious! BK has the new Frozen Fanta Scary Black Cherry slushies now through November 12th.