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Celebrating Number One… With Baby Number Two!

Dan + Shay’s tune ‘All to Myself’ hit #1 in country radio this week…and Shay Mooney and his wife Hannah are celebrating by announcing Baby #2! View this post on Instagram Celebrating a number 1 with baby number 2! Hannah and I have been dying to share the news. We thought for sure we’d be…MORE

Message In a Bottle: A 24 year trip from Lake MI to…?

It’s something I remember seeing on cartoons and movies when I was growing up.  If you put a message in a bottle and throw it in the water.. will it really wash up somewhere else someday? That exact thing has happened!  In 1995, a guy wrote a note, put it in a bottle, and tossed…MORE

Get paid $6000 a month to eat… junk food?

There’s a health food company that wants to pay you for eating junk food.  Seriously!  What’s the catch? First of all, it isn’t exactly junk food.  They’re looking for someone to eat a non-balanced ‘beige’ diet.  Stuff like chips, fries, pasta, rice, pizza, chicken, donuts, eggs, bread, and more. The peeps offering the money are…MORE

Grandparents: Spoiling Grandkids With Screen Time

As long as there have been Grandparents, they’ve always spoiled their Grandkids.  Staying up late, eating junk food, and now.. screen time! A new study by the Journal of Children and Media says when visiting grandma and grandpa, kids are spending almost HALF of their time staring at screens:  things like tablets, phones, TVs, computers,…MORE

A Unique Way to Quit Your Job

People leave jobs all the time.  Who says you can’t have some fun with it, right?  A guy named Sam quit his job in a call center by giving his boss a sympathy card.  The front of the card said “So Very Sorry For Your Loss”.  When you open the card, the man had written…MORE

Dierks Bentley Visits Hospital After Accident

Dierks Bentley was in the hospital this morning (6/25/19) after a mountain biking accident in Colorado.  The word is Dierks took a spill and broke some bones in his right hand. He shared the news in a radio interview saying that his hand was in a splint and he was waiting to find out if…MORE

2000+ People ALL Win the Lottery?!

The North Carolina ‘Pick 4’ lottery game had more than 2000 winners the other day.   Was there an error?  Nope.  Just a whole bunch of people who bet the exact same numbers.  Those numbers were ‘0 – 0 – 0 – 0’.  More than two thousand people actually played those numbers and will split the…MORE

Twitter Post Sparks Faygo Flavor Debate

A user on Twitter who is famous for posting status making people ‘only choose one’ has sparked a big debate throughout Michigan! So, what’s your pick? You can only keep one Faygo flavor (this is for the Detroit people)#Faturday — Isaac (@WorldofIsaac) June 17, 2019MORE

Brett Eldredge’s Dad Joins Him Onstage on Father’s Day [VIDEO]

Brett Eldredge’s latest tune ‘Love Someone’ is the #1 song in country music this week. In a very special Father’s Day moment, Brett and his Dad, Chris, sat on the edge of the stage during Brett’s show Sunday and sang ‘Love Someone’ along with the huge crowd. "Love Someone" is the #1 Song in the…MORE