Chris Young Breaks Down Singing New Song “Drowning” [video]

Chris Young broke down while trying to get through his song “Drowning” at the Opry.  Chris lost his good friend Adam to a car accident and never written anything about it.  One day he says the words just poured out.  He performed the song at the Opry a couple of weeks ago.  “I thought I was okay at the end of the first chorus, but by verse two, I knew I was in trouble,” Young, 34, recalls to PEOPLE about his emotional performance at the Grand Ole Opry on June 6. “I tried my best to pull myself together, but I just couldn’t. And then the audience all stood up and started applauding, and that was it. I couldn’t finish the song.”  Since then the video has gone viral.  You can read the full story in People by clicking on the link below.