GARTH at THE GETTY: Updates!

Keep an eye on this page (and click refresh!) for the most up to date info on The Garth Brooks Drive-In Concert Experience on Saturday, June 27th, 2020 with Thunder 107.3!

  • UPDATE  (6/20 – 1:30pm)
    –  It looks like tickets are SOLD OUT.  (For real this time)
    – CONGRATS to those who were able to score tickets.
    – We hope to see some of you at the Getty next weekend!!
  • UPDATE  (6/19 – 5:15pm)


  • UPDATE (6/19 – 2:25pm):
    – Tickets are now SOLD OUT!  Congrats to those who were able to score some!
    – It doesn’t hurt to check back occasionally at THIS LINK for re-releases.
    – Keep listening for info on how you can connect with Thunder 107.3 at the Getty!


  • UPDATE (6/19 – 1:25pm):
    – The following message was just added to the ‘You Are Now In Line’ page:
    “Garth cannot believe the number of you who showed for the special night. Please be patient as we are processing fan orders as quickly as possible. Bring the family out and this is going to be a great night at the drive-in.”
    – We’ve heard from some people around Thunder Country who have sucessfully purchased tickets for this event at The Getty.
    – If you’re still in line, continue to be patient!
    – If you’re not in line yet, CLICK HERE!


  • UPDATE (6/19 – 12:58pm)


  • UPDATE (6/19 – 12:50pm):
    – Many people are STILL in line.  Hang in there!

  • UPDATE (6/19 – 12:01pm):
    – If you are in line… be patient!
    – DO NOT refresh your page or you will lose your place in line!

YES, Celebration Cinema’s Getty Drive-In WILL be showing this concert.
NO, Garth will not actually be in Muskegon at The Getty.
It’s a concert simulcast being shown at 300+ drive-ins.

Tickets are $100 per vehicle.  Up to 6 people per vehicle allowed.
For complete details on this event, CLICK THIS LINK.

Brad Allen took this pic at Garth’s Ford Field Show in Detroit on 2/22/2020