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You Should Never Keep These Foods In The Freezer

You know the drill: can’t get to the food in your fridge so you toss it into the freezer hoping to extend the shelf life. While that may work for some items, it’s not a good plan for every foodstuff. Putting milk into the freezer will cause the liquid and fats to separate, creating a chunky…MORE

Willie Nelson Announces Outlaw Music Festival

Willie Nelson has announced his Outlaw Music Festival along with the list of performers that will take part in the festival. Starting on June 14, Nelson’s festival will travel to cities like Toronto, Milwaukee, Chicago, St Louis, and Dallas throughout the summer with a long list of star power. The performers for each city will be different…MORE

Claire’s And Justice Makeup Products Test Positive For Asbestos

It was first reported in 2017 that some makeup products sold at Claire’s and Justice may contain asbestos, and on Tuesday, the Food and Drug Administration confirmed it to be the case. The federal agency released their findings showing that three cosmetic products from Claire’s and one from Justice were found to contain the cancer-causing ingredient. Claire’s disputes the claims, but…MORE

Icy Roads Lead to Highway Closures

It has been a messy morning in GR weather wise and due to the icy and snowy conditions highways have had to shut down! Current highway closures as of 8:20 a.m.: Northbound US-131 closed before 116th Street near Martin in Allegan County. Eastbound I-94 closed at M-40 near Paw Paw in Van Buren County. Eastbound I-94…MORE

Where to Get Paczki’s in Grand Rapids

Here in West Michigan we are no strangers to a good Paczki on Fat Tuesday and fortunately for us, there are several locations throughout GR where you can get your hands on this tasty polish doughnut!!! 1. MARGE’S DONUT DEN Location: 1751 28th St. SW, Wyoming, MI 49519 2. NANTUCKET BAKING COMPANY Location: 615 Lyon Street NE,…MORE

Yet Another Winter Weather Advisory

Another Winter Weather Advisory for much of West Michigan goes into effect sadly for tonight Starting at 7 PM, we can expect steady snowfall through Tuesday evening with accumulation of 2-5 inches depending where your located. The heaviest snowfall will be just West of US 131. Morning drive is not going to be great, expect hazardous driving…MORE

Latest Trend? Throwing a Slice of Cheese At Your Baby?

Yes this is not a joke and is a real “trending” thing. Videos are popping up that are part of what they are calling the “Cheesed Challenge.” Parents, older siblings, or just people near small children are flinging cheese at those non-suspecting kids. Is this going to far or is it just a harmless prank?  …MORE

Sonic Adds Brunch Burger and a New Mimosa

Sonic is adding brunch to their menu by adding new items like the Brunch Burger and a Cherry Limeade Mimosa in various locations. The Brunch Burger will consist of a beef patty, fried egg, bacon, and cheese on a brioche bun with a side of tots for only $2.99. A Bigger Brunch Burger will also be available…MORE

Man’s Noodles Freeze, Leaves Fork Mid-Air

Perhaps this could become the new winter challenge. Seems a lot safer than tossing a cup of boiling water into the air and praying “snow” falls back down. How cold is it? It was so cold in Calgary that Jonathan Scholes took his bowl of piping hot noodles outside and they froze within 15 minutes, leaving his…MORE

Is This Taking Bacon Too Far?

While shopping at her local Whole Foods, a California woman was shocked by what she saw in the bacon aisle. “What I beheld next was something I wasn’t prepared for,” she told TODAY Food. The gourmet supermarket chain was selling raw bacon, marinated in flavors like blueberry, apple cinnamon, and even coffee. Liz Pollack used terms like “stomach-turning” and…MORE