Blaine Fowler Bio

Blaine Fowler

Blaine was born and raised in beautiful Sault Ste. Marie, which makes him officially a “Yooper”, so occasionally you’ll hear a “yah” and an “eh” during his show from 3p-7p on Thunder Country. He’s been on the radio since he was 14, which sounds pretty much like the child labor laws weren’t enforced at that time. Since then, he’s been heard in The Soo, Petoskey, Traverse City, Minneapolis, New Orleans, Boise, Detroit and now Grand Rapids. 

A self-avowed hockey junkie (Go Wings!); Blaine is also a tireless advocate of state-wide charitable organizations, helping to raise over one million dollars for non-profits such as Children’s Miracle Network, The Salvation Army, The American Lung Association, and local food banks. He also plays in his own band, The Blaine Fowler Experience, affectionately known as The BFE, on drums, bass, guitar and keyboards. He even has his own music releases you can find online.

Blaine and his wife Colleen have two children, Collin and Bailey.