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Kincaid & Dallas

4-hour morning drive show – airing 6 am to 10 am.    Upbeat and comedic Country show with the morning family of Kincaid, Dallas, Producer Amanda and Garrett.   Kincaid & Dallas comes to you from Atlanta where the morning show airs on WKHX-FM, New Country 101.FIVE.  About Kincaid Originally from Maryland, Kincaid has worked in Minnesota,…MORE

Blaine Fowler Bio

Blaine Fowler Blaine was born and raised in beautiful Sault Ste. Marie, which makes him officially a “Yooper”, so occasionally you’ll hear a “yah” and an “eh” during his show from 3p-7p on Thunder Country. He’s been on the radio since he was 14, which sounds pretty much like the child labor laws weren’t enforced…MORE

Rachael Gray Bio

Rachael Gray    Rachael originally hails from Clarkston MI and has spent the last 9 years here on-air mornings in West Michigan. A self -described “music junkie” whenever Rachael’s not on-air from 10a-3p entertaining Thunder Country, she’s downloading new music that does NOT include the “Trolls” soundtrack that her toddlers enjoy in the car. Rachael’s…MORE

Celebration Cinema Studio Park is Launching Fun New Outdoor Events

Exciting news for movie and music lovers!! Celebration Cinema (Studio Park) just launched Sunset Cinema! The Piazza will be showing movies on Wednesday nights. You’ll have your own section of the lawn in the Studio Park piazza, perfect for social distancing and enjoying good movies! Listening Room is launching Listening Lawn on Thursdays. This outdoor…MORE

Community of Hearts

Thunder 107.3 and Ulliance have partnered with The Community of Hearts movement. Let’s face it, life is hard — Personal issues impact 50% of the American workforce and 1 in 5 American adults have a mental illness. Behavioral health and personal issues impact performance at work as well. That’s where Ulliance comes in. Ulliance provides…MORE

Join Thunder at the Theater – we’ll even buy your ticket!

It’s Thunder Theater Thursday’s with Celebration Cinema! What movie are we seeing next? Stay tuned to find out! We’ll be at a local Celebration Cinema location seeing a movie, and we’ll invite some of you to join us! Want to join us? Register below for your chance to win some free movie tickets!   See…MORE

Thanks for Listening to Thunder While You Work!

Thanks to YOU, Thunder Country, for listening while you work! Let us know below that you listen while you work, and we could be stopping by to surprise you with lunch, concert tickets, or Thunder Gear! Good luck!MORE

The American Red Cross Urgently Needs Your Blood

The American Red Cross is in urgent need of blood donations.  Their supply is low and need more donations to help with end of summer emergencies.  Last month, both the Red Cross and Versiti Blood Center of Michigan issued blood emergency for a critically low supply — as low as having just days worth of…MORE

#Oops: Swinging An Axe At A Wood Shield

A video on the reddit forum WCGW has gone viral after a weapons demonstration goes wrong. If anyone knows the language and can translate, we’d love to know what they’re saying. WCGW If My Trainer Swings An Axe At Me While I Defend Using A Flimsy Shield & A Crappy Mallet from r/WhatcouldgowrongMORE