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Rock, Roar and Pour!

Thunder 107.3 invites you for a night out at the zoo without the kids! It’s Rock, Roar and Pour on August 22 from 6:00pm-9:00pm at John Ball Zoo, an adult only night with craft beer, live music and animal encounters! Register below for your chance to win tickets from us! The night will have a…MORE

The American Red Cross Urgently Needs Your Blood

The American Red Cross is in urgent need of blood donations.  Their supply is low and need more donations to help with end of summer emergencies.  Last month, both the Red Cross and Versiti Blood Center of Michigan issued blood emergency for a critically low supply — as low as having just days worth of…MORE

#Oops: Swinging An Axe At A Wood Shield

A video on the reddit forum WCGW has gone viral after a weapons demonstration goes wrong. If anyone knows the language and can translate, we’d love to know what they’re saying. WCGW If My Trainer Swings An Axe At Me While I Defend Using A Flimsy Shield & A Crappy Mallet from r/WhatcouldgowrongMORE

Deer Joins West Michigan Beachgoers

Via Katie Papke on YouTube: This white tailed buck came out of the adjacent sand dunes to enjoy time with beach patrons. On July 6th, the deer hung around the Lake Michigan shore for over 30 minutes at Saugatuck State Park. He enjoyed licking a little girls legs and ruffling through another’s beach bag for snacks.…MORE

Beth Chapman Dead At 51

Beth Chapman, the wife of Dog the Bounty Hunter’s Duane “Dog” Chapman, died on Wednesday (June 26) after fighting for her life in a Hawaii hospital. She was 51. On Wednesday morning, Dog took to Twitter to share his farewell to his wife. “It’s 5:32 in Hawaii, this is the time she would wake up…MORE

Glass Cracks Under Someone’s Feet – 103 Floors Up!

Near the top of the Willis Tower in Chicago, 103 floors above the city streets, is an attraction called the Skydeck. It is a glass box that extends out, so you can get the sensation of ‘floating on air’. Monday, some of the glass on the floor of the Skydeck CRACKED into thousands of pieces…MORE

Thunder Summer of FUNder 2019

Thunder Summer of FUNder is here in West Michigan! We have lists of concerts coming to West Michigan this summer, local events and dates of when you can hang out with us all summer long! Concerts in the summer are the best, who agrees with us?? Here is a list of concerts happening in Michigan…MORE

Guess Pringles’ New Flavor And You Could Win $10,000

Start warming up your taste buds; they could win you some cold hard cash. Pringles has brought their Mystery Flavor contest to the US. The potato crisps company launched the competition in Canada last year where the flavor (flavour) was revealed to be Seven Layer Dip. They then brought it to Japan and Australia. Those…MORE

Animal cruelty investigation in Teen Mom case

Jenelle Evans and David Eason have had a tumultuous relationship from the beginning. MTV has been close to giving him the boot from the hit television show “Teen Mom” for years. Now he’s finally gone far enough that MTV wants nothing to do with him. In a recent video posted online Jenelle’s french bulldog Nugget…MORE