Lady A Established A Scholarship Fund to Help College Students

Lady A Established A Scholarship Fund to Help College Students

Lady A is helping college students with the LadyAID Scholarship Fund.

It was established by the trio to support students attending Historically Black Colleges and Universities, in hopes of helping relieve financial barriers to higher education and empower Black communities around the country. The scholarship launches with schools in Tennessee and Georgia to honor the members’ home states, but is available for any HBCU in any state.

The LadyAID Fund of The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee is a philanthropic effort founded by GRAMMY award winning trio, Lady A – Dave Haywood, Charles Kelley and Hillary Scott – to bring awareness to numerous initiatives around the world ranging from helping vulnerable children, societal and cultural issues, as well as natural disaster aid and recovery. The multi-level campaign will focus primarily on the today’s youth to help provide a better tomorrow as well as supporting “sponsored” organizations through the fund.

Applications are open through March 15 for the recently formed LadyAID Scholarship Fund!

If you or anyone you know could benefit from this, you can find more info at


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Additional Photo Courtesy of Lady A


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